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Sacred Services

Co-Creating Transformation Through Love

You are a divinely unique being and our time together is always intentional with the focus on honoring your sacred journey of self-discovery and healing. Transformation requires a foundation of safety, authentic truth, and sacred connection. My role is to offer guidance and wisdom that supports you in becoming your divine sovereign self, even through deep challenges and transformations. I cannot do the work for you, nor can I tell you exactly what you need to do, but I can offer grounded guidance and supportive wisdom for your exploration of Self.

My pillars of strength are founded in grace, compassion, mercy, and love.

As every person is unique, every session is unique too.

Sessions are based on time and can include combinations of my sacred services.

Rates: $120 for the First Hour and $30 for each additional half hour (30 mins.)


The average session is 1.5 hours. Rates apply to all Sacred Services unless otherwise noted.

In Person Session Days are every Thursday and Friday at Celestial Awakenings in Vancouver, Washington. Online / Distance Session Days are Tuesdays and some SaturdaysPlease message me directly for options outside my regular Session hours.


Energy Medicine

I facilitate energetic healing (transmutation of karma) as a natural result of awakening my True Supreme Self within and allowing illusions of what I believed, felt, knew, and assumed about myself to fall away. This kind of deep life-altering consciousness-shifting awakening is EVERYONE'S sovereign birthright and does not make one special or powerful but very very human. This energy is known by many names: kundalini, tummo, the Holy Spirit, Thrusting Vessel and among the Kaqchikel it is known as "Koyopa'" which translates to "Lightning Bolt".

Witnessing the intricate and intelligent designs of each individual's energetic pattern, I facilitate restorative and graceful balance via expansive clearing (release of all that is not you) and harmonic resonance with your divine sovereignty (your Supreme True Self). 


This can:

  • Release Emotional Blocks

  • Relieve Physical Pain

  • Activate the Body's Ability to Self-Heal

  • Create Feelings of Peace and Relaxation

  • Remove Mental Blocks

  • Increase Access to Inner Wisdom

  • Retrieve Soul Fragments

  • Balance and Activate Chakras

  • Bring Illumination and Clarity

  • Inspire New Ideas and Perceptions

  • Increase Creativity

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