Who is Hannaneel?

My unique name was gifted to me by an Angel who visited my father in a dream while my mother was pregnant with my older brother.  Hannaneel is a Hebrew name meaning "God (El) is Gracious".  I resisted this name for most of my life by choosing to be called a shorter and more easily pronounced version, Hanna. Through my healing journey, I've incorporated and integrated many rejected, abandoned, suppressed, and disembodied aspects of myself, this also includes my name. Now, I choose to embody "Hannaneel" to the fullest!

I come from a unique blend of ancestral lineages of British and French/German on my mother's line and the Kaqchikel, an indigenous Maya Peoples from the central highlands of Guatemala, on my father's line. The integration of these powerhouses of ancient memory is the source of my awareness, truth, and humbled confidence. It is my ecstatic and joyful purpose to share that with all who feel called to co-create transformation through Love!