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Who is Hannaneel?

My unique name was gifted to me by an Angel who visited my father in a dream while my mother was pregnant with my older brother.  Hannaneel is a Hebrew name meaning "God (El) is Gracious".  I resisted this name for most of my life by choosing to be called a shorter and more easily pronounced version, Hanna.


My journey with kundalini began in childhood and continued on and off into adulthood. I've had many spiritual and mystical experiences that have been difficult to articulate. My full “spontaneous” awakening occurred in 2013 wherein I was challenged to confront many deeply suppressed, repressed, rejected, and abandoned parts of myself. I experienced suppressed emotions, repressed memories, hallucinations, altered consciousness, and psychosis.  I did not have an external teacher, mentor, guru or guide for this journey and had to accept I was not in control and attempts to control the uncontrollable were literally driving me mad. It was through trusting what I couldn't see but a path I could feel that lead me to new self-acceptance and self-trust and a focus on being decidedly human (grounded) and relinquishing my mind's attempts to control experiences, situations and other people's judgments. Through surrendering what I am not, I was able to accept and embody what I am.

It was only when I began to share my experiences with spiritual teachers, I realized that my innate guidance and wisdom was very similar to many other religious and esoteric lineages (Christianity, Tantra, Kabbalah/Qabalah, Hatha Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Non-Duality etc.). As a result of my personal journey and expanded conscious awareness, I was able to offer authentic validation, support, and guidance to individuals similar to myself, those with mental health diagnoses, trauma-histories (both personal and generational), a tendency toward emotion dysregulation, and awakened kundalini.

Now, I choose to embody "Hannaneel" to the fullest!

It is my ecstatic and joyful intention to share spiritual, guidance, and wisdom with all who feel called to co-create transformation through Love.

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